Monday, February 22, 2010

Are Businesses in Africa leveraging the power of the Internet?

For some reasons when I talk about the internet usage in terms of business I always want to make South Africa an exception. And that’s true. A few days ago I was chatting with an accountant friend of mine. He runs a consultancy firm. I asked whether their company has a website. He told me no. I was not very surprised. There are various reasons or factors to my friend’s situation. 

Leverage is from the root word lever. Now many of us understand the basic principle of using a lever and a fulcrum. A lever and a fulcrum help to perform an insurmountable task which under normal circumstances can not ne performed without that setup or arrangement, for example moving a huge rock. Likewise the internet helps us to reach a huge number of people in various places from just our desks. In this case without the internet it’s impossible to reach such a huge crowd. A certain professor I know calls the internet taking advantage of the speed of an electron.

The internet can help to spread the word faster than the traditional methods of marketing. For example Social media websites allow for immediate and quick dissemination of information. The type of information could be news, images, audio, and video formats.

So why aren’t many business taking advantage of the internet in Africa. Why aren’t businesses in Africa emulating firms like It suffices to say there many changes but many of those challenges are being overcome now.

Do you own a company in Africa? Could share some challenges that we are facing in Africa? Or do you think it’s just not viable to do business online? In the future I will explore this area further. But for now answer my questions. 

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