Monday, February 1, 2010


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Todays Tutorial: Signing up for facebook

Many times we IT professionals/experts take things for granted. Take for example signing up for a social network website like facebook. I have interacted with lots of people in my career and have come to the realisation that what is chicken feed for me would not necessarily be so for others. Hence I have decided to put up this tutorial deliberately.

1. Open the facebook website on
2. On the right hand side of the home page for facebook you will find the signup area. Fill in your firstname, lastname, email and your password. Select your right sex and birthday and click the Sign Up button.
NOTE: facebook has age restrictions.
3.  The next page that opens up is security check. Enter the provided obscured word(s) in the space provided below the word(s). Click the submit button below. If you entered the words correctly, thats it you are done.
4. The next page that opens up shows you the 4 steps involved. its really up to you to decide to go all the way and find friends and customise your profile and add the profile picture.  Just click the continue button.
NOTE: If facebook has determined your friend(s) on facebook already it will show these already ask you if you want to add them as friends.

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