Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi, my name is George Mwewa Mutale and I live in Botswana.  My background is Information Technology and am currently working as Information Technology Manager in the public service. My career in IT spans over 12 years. My area of specialty is database management, programming and web designing. Over the years I have accumulated some IT certifications including: Oracle Certification, COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology), ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and Java. I love web designing. So if you need any help/advice on how you can leverage the power of computers and technology especially in my specialty areas feel free to contact me.

My interaction with many people has led me to start this blog. I started to realise that many are not actually taking advantage of the benefits that Computers and Technology have to offer in this part of world--Africa. Ofcourse there various reasons, ranging from prohibitive costs of acquiring a computer high internet costs and illiteracy. Things are changing albeit slowly.

fiveacesONLINE! exists to educate and raise the level of awareness about what is happening in the technology world. The information is firstly intended to users on the African continent and secondly to everybody out there, so please feel free to contribute. Many a time when technology is released in the western world sometimes it takes months or years before its introduced in many African markets. I should admit that South Africa and probably the North African countries could be exceptions. South African markets do quite easily introduce new technologies at the same time its being rolled out in the Western world. Take for example Steve Jobs(Apple) new iPAD this may take some time to be introduced in most African Markets. Many of us read about these new introductions but again the vast majority dont get to hear about these introductions.  

fiveacesONLINE strives to inform in a lay man's language the benefits. fiveacesONLINE will endeavor to educate/give information in every way possible to describe any item and focus on the benefits. 

Please always visit and remember to contribute in your own way. 

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